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Schwalm embroidery bouquet

2nd part, the preparation of the patterns


To fill the leaves and dots, I did not use stranded cotton because the thread was too thin compared to the fabric and the Palestrina stitch. So I simply filled in the patterns with the “Broder spécial” thread quality.

Preparation of the pulled thread patterns which will be embroidered on the inside


If you look at the 2 patterns below, you will notice that I did not prepare them in the same way. It will let us work on the inside embroidery of the patterns using 2 different techniques.

The threads are removed in a regular way by leaving two and removing two, horizontally and vertically.

They will then be tied in a particular way to form a tight grid that will be used for the realization of the interior pattern.

In this example, the threads are removed to form an irregular grid by leaving a series of 3 threads and then removing only one thread in both directions.

The grid does not need to be attached before the interior embroidery work. The bundles of threads are used to create a variety of designs and this technique offers many possibilities, from the simplest to the most elaborate, which are the most beautiful.