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This embroidery has a history.

One day, my mother who is an art bookbinder brought me this book saying “I’m sure it’ll interest you”

and she was right, he’s just BEAUTIFUL.








The book “Des fleurs en aiguilles” is a compilation of ecclesiastical garments made by the sisters of the Order of the Visitation and was the subject of a special exhibition in 2009.

These embroideries are exhibited at the Museum of the Visitation in Moulins (France) among other collections of religious art (Goldsmith, painting) made by the nuns.

While browsing this book I particularly liked the chasuble decorated with orchids and after having embroidered it for my own pleasure, I would like to share it with you today.

Unfortunately, I believe that the book published on the occasion of the exhibition is not available at the booksellers right now.








The pattern of this embroidery can be downloaded HERE

The original design is embroidered on vanilla linen and measures 26 cm by 20 cm.

list of DMC threads used to do this work

Stems and leaves   3023, 3024, 3852, 841, 367, 522, 934 

Yellow flowers     300, 921, 3777, 3685, 744, 746, 3866, 3865, 3023

Pink flowers        3685, 3687, 3354, 778, 453, 3821, 3770, 3865

Purple flowers   154, 3834, 3041, 3042, 3866, 3836, 3023