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How to combine a lazy daisy stitch with a bullion stitch

Here are the instructions to embroider a lazy daisy stitch combined with a bullion stitch.


We used the following stitches


for the leaves

  • Fishbone or leaf stitch stitch 1 thread

for the flower

  • Lazy daisy stitch 2 threads
  • Bullion stitch 2 threads
  • French knots 2 threads 1 wrap

We used House of Embroidery varigated stranded cotton Bush 8 for the leaves and DMC Color Variations cotton floss 4100 for the flower.


If I present you the drawing “naked”, it is for explaining how the stitch will be positioned in relation to the tracing of the design.

The smallest circle (center) will be embroidered at the end with French knots and, of course, is the heart of the flower.

The middle circle is the one that hosts the lazy daisy part of the combined stitch and the largest one will be used for the bullion stitch part.

The leaves surrounding the flowers are embroidered with leaf  stitch, we have already spoken about it.

Start to work at the top of the leaf and down towards the stem using 1 thread.

Continue to work in the same way till the stem of the leaf and complete each side separately.

The leaves are complete.

For the lazy daisy part of the stitch, start as for a normal lazy daisy stitch but leave the needle in the fabric and the thread under the needle.

For the bullion part of the stitch wrap the thread around the needle (here about 6 times).


Pass the needle through the thread as for a normal bullion stitch but without folding it back and keeping the needle flat on the fabric.


Finish with a tiny straight stitch located just outside the larger circle.

Arrange the stitches as in this picture.

Insert 2 additional stitches in the blank spaces. A Flower quarter is comprising 7 stitches.


The flower is complete

Embroider some French knots 2 threads 1 wrap for the center.