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Variations on a letter




Originally, this font is made for calligraphy and not for embroidery.

In this post, my intention is to embroider different letters of different sizes and using various stitches.

Here are 4 letters of 2, 4, 6 and 8 cm.

In carrying out this exercise, I have concluded that to keep the graphic style, loose and elegant of the character there is a limit in size that should not be exceeded at the risk of completely losing the spirit of the project.


All of these letters can be downloaded HERE


2 cm

The letter is made in the original size of the font and fully embroidered with stem stitch 1 thread.

We can imagine using it to discreetly mark linen or to sign a finished work.

4 cm

The second, although larger, still fully preserves the graphic spirit of the letter.

It is embroidered with stem stitch and Palestrina, all with 2 threads.

I think I would use it to personalize small items or even napkins.

6 CM

With this size, in my opinion, we reach the limit to stay in the spirit of the exercise.

This letter is embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and French knots always with 2 threads but with 1 or 2 turns depending on the space available.

A letter of this size can be used to decorate all kinds of objects such as guest linens, clutches or even be integrated into a larger project.

8 cm

By reaching this size, we totally lose the graphic and loose side of calligraphy and I think it is better to give up.

I embroidered this letter with padded satin stitch (plumetis) and DMC Special à broder cotton  No. 25 and  Portuguese stem stitch with stranded cotton 2 threads.

Despite all my efforts, the embroidery remains incredibly heavy and I do not advise you to use it in your projects!