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Pastel Alphabet


The alphabet proposed today is taken from a series of old books devoted to characters intended “to mark” the linen of our grandmothers.

In our time, they are rather used in decorative achievements, cushions, towels or small objects of all kinds.




I chose to embroider this example on a height of 10cm and in the DMC colors 3340, 3341 and 3824.

The split backstitch and the satin stitch are made with 1 thread and the padding with 4 threads.

The characters of this alphabet can be downloaded HERE



Start by embroidering the entire outline of the letter with split backstitch.

Pad the petals with 4 threads.

Cover each petal and the center with a regular satin stitch.

Generously pad the entire surface of the pattern with 4 threads.

Then cover the padding with satin stitch. I started from the widest part, going towards the narrowest without embroidering the upper part.

I embroidered the remaining surface in 2 times to clearly differentiate the 2 parts and starting from the middle as indicated by the arrows.

Pad each dot with 4 threads.

Cover with satin stitch.

To embroider this little line, I first juxtaposed a row of split backstitch to the already existing one and I covered both with satin stitch.