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Dear embroidery friends,
Since the beginning of the pandemic, many things have changed.
The project I would like to introduce here was born in my mind when I found myself, like many others, banned from working overnight. With my store closed, my friends and clients gone, and isolated at home, I realized that I had an extraordinary asset to put to good use, this BLOG!
If I started its publication already in 2016, it was first for fun and then over time more and more seriously. Now I think I have in my hands a very valuable tool to be able to continue doing what I love, SHARING!
So here is the new extended offer that I am proposing to you from now on.
– First of all, the blog is of course free for every visitor.
– You can also choose to subscribe to an annual offer that will allow you to continue to receive our weekly newsletter and to freely download all the patterns made available as you have been able to do until now. This offer will also allow you to take advantage of a gallery where you can publish your creations for the benefit of our community of embroiderers, as well as a discussion forum where you can share your comments, and questions and even receive personalized assistance in your projects…
If you choose to join this subscription, you will also receive with the opening of your account a personal coupon that will allow you to make 8 purchases with a 10% discount in the Canevas Folies online store during the subscription period.
– It is also possible to subscribe to an offer allowing you to receive the newsletter and download the designs for the duration of one month. This offer is renewable manually.
– For visitors who do not subscribe to any of the above offers, there will be a charge for downloading the drawings.
I hope that the new direction I wish to give to this blog will meet your approval and that you will be part of the community of friends of Canevas Folies. We will continue to enjoy great moments of embroidery together.
I thank you in advance.
Kind regards,
For more information…

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A bird in a Harlequin suit The head    To embroider the bird's head, I added three shades of yellow, DMC 727, 3078 and 746 and a red 150 as well as the color 13A autumn from House of Embroidery.The throat of the bird is made of a diagonal weaving pattern. To do...

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Needle painted Hibiscus part 6

Needle painted Hibiscus The bud and the leaves  Bud The colors to embroider this bud are 819, 353, 760, 891, 817, 815, and 972.     Embroider the top of the bud with satin stitch and color 353.Make the next petal with colors 760 and 891.For the right petal, use...

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A bird in a harlequin suit Bib and collar  Bib Colors used to embroider the front panel 946, 743, 727, 931, 932 and 3753 The line separating the 2 parts of the breastplate is embroidered in Portuguese stem stitch and you will find the explanations HERE  ...

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Kerfeunteun stitch Glazig embroidery The stitch Kerfeunteun is part of the many stitches of Glazig embroidery  We owe this stitch to Karine and Yann, embroidery teachers at the school of embroidery art of Pascal Jaouen in Quimper who have brought it up to date. They...

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A bird in a harlequin suit

A bird in a harlequin suit  The challenge of this project is the following   The transformation of this monochrome print into a beautiful flaming bird.   This is an original and interesting creative process that I look forward to sharing with you.   We...

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Needle painted Hibiscus part 5

Needle painted Hibiscus part 5 Flower 2 Petals h, f and j  Flower 2 petal h This petal is embroidered with colors #353, 760, 891, 350, 817 and 815After outlining the petal with a split backstitch, begin by embroidering the first stitches with color 353.    Continue...

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