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Traditional Easter



Here are all the necessary explanations to realize this project.

The pattern of this egg can be downloaded HERE or in the “Patterns 2023” section from the menu of this blog.


This egg is embroidered with the following colors

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton 67 Apple (both colors), 13A  Autumn, 57 Iris (both colors), and 88B reflections.

  •  DMC stranded cotton 155, 797, 799, 341 and 3747


Embroider the stems in stem stitch with 1 thread. Leaves are embroidered either in fishbone stitch, lazy daisy stitch or Cretan stitch depending on their size and shape, all with one thread. Embroider the larger ones in Cretan stitch, those forming branches in lazy daisy stitch, and all others in fishbone stitch.

Embroider the berries with satin stitch and 1 thread.

Embroider the flowers with long and short stitch and 1 thread.

Underline all berries and flowers with split backstitch 1 thread before embroidering.