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How to embroider a large leaf otherwise






When I started doing this blog 4 years ago, I published a whole series of articles titled “How to embroider …”. They appear in the principal menu under the heading “Techniques”.

And then, I do not know why for, over time, I somewhat neglected this subject.

In this post you will find how to embroider a large leaf (this one measures 8 cm), by unconventionally using basic stitches. To make this design, I used stranded cotton and 3 threads because of the size of the work.

My purpose here is not exactly to embroider a leaf pattern but to take advantage of the large surface available to embroider differently.

In this project, I used stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch, blanket stitch, bullion stitch, and French knots. I explain all these stitches in the “Stitches” section of the menu.

The drawing of this leaf can be downloaded HERE.

Embroider the edge and ribs of the leaf with chain stitch.

Embroider a second chain with larger stitches leaning against the first one and inside the pattern.

Then embroider with blanket stitch doing 3 or 4 stitches in the outer part of each chain stitch without stitching into the fabric.

Do the same for the other part of the chain.

Then mark the inner surface which should receive the bullion stitches.

Loosely embroider a large lazy daisy stitch on each drawn line.

Embroider a bullion stitch in each loop.

Add a stem stitch to delimit the border.

Fill the still empty part between the bullion stitches and the border with French knots 2 wraps.

Finish embroidering the lazy daisy stitches.

As well as the bullion stitches…

And finally finish with the French knots.