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A scent of violets



In their original version, these charming violets are embroidered on vanilla colored linen and the design measures approximately 16cm/16 cm.

You will find the design to download HERE or in the “2023 Patterns” section of this blog. The explanations necessary for the realization of this model are at the bottom of this article.

As far as making the violets, I suggest mixing the colors and using them according to your own taste.



Threads used to embroider this design

DMC stranded cotton 791, 792, 3807, 160, 333, 3746, 155, 211, B5200, 726, 3078

House of Embroidery stranded cotton 5A Blue Gum and 54BC Forest

7 different stitches are needed to embroider this work

Stem stitch, split backstitch, fishbone stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch, straight stitch, French knot.



Stems and leaves

Embroider the stems in stem stitch with 2 threads and the leaves in fishbone stitch with 1 thread, all with color 5A.

Large violets

First, outline the petals with split backstitch 1 thread and then fill in with long and short stitch 1 thread. Add large straight stitches 1 thread with color B5200 and smaller ones with color 3078 in the top petal. Finish with a 2 thread 2 wraps French knot for the center with color 726.

Small violets

Work in the same way as for the large flowers, but alternating long and short stitch and satin stitch according to the size of the petals.


Embroider each bud with satin stitch after underlining it with split backstitch, all with 1 thread.

The grey spots

Cover each spot with a few straight 1 thread stitches and the 54BC thread.