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How to embroider chestnuts step by step

Here are the instructions to embroider chestnuts step by step.

We used the following stitches

  • Split back stitch

  • Back stitch

  • Straight stitch

  • Chain stitch

  • Satin stitch

  • Turkey work

We used the following colors

DMC cotton floss 830, 832, 3047 and House of Embroidery cotton floss Foxtail Fern 71 for the leaves

DMC cotton floss 801 and House of Embroidery perle cotton n°8 Privet 6 and Basket 31 for the fruits

As usual you can download this design HERE



Embroider with satin stitch 1 thread between the veins in the direction of the central vein

Embroider  in layers between the veins changing the colors

The leaf is fully embroidered

Embroider the midvein with back stitch and the lateral veins with straight stitch all with 1 thread

First surround  the pattern with a split  back stitch 1 thread then fill the visible part of the fruit with long straight stitches lengthwise 3 threads


Cover the surface perpendicular to the straight stitches with satin stitch 1 thread

Surround the surface with chain stitch in perle cotton n°8

Fill the entire surface of the shell with Turkey work in perle cotton n° 8

Cut the loops to give the final shape

The chestnuts are complete