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You will find below basic instructions to realize the stitches used in our designs, starting with “Blue Garden”.

Portuguese stem stitch

The Portuguese stem stitch is an overcast stitch that is used to bring structure into an embroidery. Well executed, it gives the effect of a small cord. This is a normal stem stitch where each stitch is overlocked twice to the back. It is necessary to take enough...

Filling stitches

Filling stitches Here are some examples of filling stitches used for large areas by bringing structure to the work. In the pictures below, you will find the procedure to complete each pattern. However, from there, the choice of threads, their thickness and the...

Raised stem stitch

The raised stem stitch is a very structured stitch that is used to bring depth into an embroidery. This is a single stem stitch executed on a straight stitch basis. A padding is often placed under the straight stitches to obtain even more depth.

Wheatear stitch

The wheatear stitch, as the name suggests, looks like wheat on the cob when done continuously. It is a decorative stitch that can be used to animate all kinds of embroidery and made with many varieties of yarn. It can also be done "detached", embroidering each stitch...

Cretan stitch

The Cretan stitch is used as a filling stitch, especially in doing leaves. Various effects can be produced by altering the angle of the stitches or even closing them in or opening them out. This stitch is usually worked from top to bottom.  

Hem stitch (Point de Paris)

The Hem stitch (point de Paris) is very simple to achieve for a very decorative result. It is used to fix the hems or embed a piece on another in the technique of the appliqué. It can also simply be integrated into the middle of other embroidery stitches. This stitch...

Cast-on stitch

The cast-on stitch is an embroidery stitch that can be used for embroidering flowers or any other pattern to which it is desired to give relief without using the "stumpwork" technique. Unfortunately, I know that the picture is not very explicit than for those who do...


Couching in its most basic form is among the easier embroidery stitches. Essentially, the couching stitch is just a little straight stitch taken over some other thread to hold it down. 

Interlaced chain stitch

Interlaced chain stitch This is a decorative variant of the chain stitch. After embroidering a single chain, simply wrap a thread on one side (or both) of each stitch by slipping this thread into each half stitch, forming back stitches in the middle of the chain and...

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