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How to customize an embroidery

It is a question that is often asked. How would I customize my embroidery when it’s finished?

Here is an example of an alphabet that you can easily transfer. It is in the public domain and you can use it freely.

You can download it HERE.

I chose this font because the letter shapes are simple and compact. They are easy to reproduce and can be enlarged or reduced as required.

I think their relatively neutral form allows them to be used both for men and for women.

You will find below several ways to embroider these letters according to their destination.





The simplest way

all in stem stitch with 2 threads

Well filled

in juxtaposed stem stitch rows with 2 threads 


satin stitch over padding



split back stitch with 1 thread

padding with 3 threads

satin stitch with 1 thread

A bit of fantasy



whipped chain stitch with 2 threads


long and short stitch with 1 thread