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Tell it with flowers…




Here are the necessary explanations to embroider this small heart intended for the lovers of Valentine’s Day or for any person eager to offer a tender present.

You will find the pattern to download HERE or directly in the patterns menu in the “Patterns 2022” section.


To achieve this work I do not give indications of colors but only some advice.

Tap into your threads reserves and use as many green tones as you can find. As for the flowers, let your heart speak (now is the time) and choose your favorite colors!

The result will certainly be successful!


Here is the list of stitches I used

  • Stem stitch with 1 or 2 threads

  • Satin stitch with 1 thread

  • Fishbone stitch with 1 thread

  • Blanket stitch with 1 thread

  • Lazy daisy stitch with 2 threads

  • French knot with 2 threads and 2 wraps

You will easily find them in the pictures below.