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Gypsy Heart

You will find in this post the detailed photos as well as the list of the threads that I used to realize this small design.

It measures 9/7 cm in its original size. You will find this drawing to download in the “Patterns” menu under the heading “Patterns 2021”.

I did not find it necessary to indicate the stitches used for each picture because it is a small exercise in fantasy. You will thus have plenty of time to exercise your creativity as much with regard to the stitches used as the choice of threads.

Here is an indicative list of the colors I used to embroider this little heart.

House of Embroidery (Stranded  cotton)

36 The Sea (both colors), 43C Flame, 89C Good on black, 79B stocks.

DMC (Stranded cotton)

666, 893, 3803, 915, 3687, 3609, 154, 742, 3855, 741.