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Little Christmas wreath


This little Christmas wreath is a regular feature every year for the holidays. I always like it so much and I have always been amazed by its varied and often unexpected use.

I have seen it on napkins, hanging on the Christmas tree, as a candle holder, on top of a box, on the cover of a diary… and so on!


You can download the design HERE and have fun choosing the colors you want to embroider on this wreath even if I give you my version as an indication.

All the stitches used for this work are part of the repertoire of stitches that we generally use.


Here are the details

The ribbons are made with rows of stem stitch side by side.

They are embroidered in the following way:

1 row of #8 gold metallic thread ( Au Ver à Soie)

1 row of red and gold synthetic thread (I had it in my reserves but I don’t remember where it came from and it has the size of an #5 pearl cotton from DMC)

1 row of #8 gold metallic thread ( Au Ver à Soie)

3 ou 4 rows of Perle silk( Au Ver à Soie)






The pink flowers are embroidered in raw silk blanket stitch 1 thread (House of Embroidery #44B) and trimmed with a tiny pink seed bead.

The flowers in purple clusters are embroidered in French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps with raw silk (House of Embroidery n°34)

The roses are woven with a 4mm white silk ribbon (House of Embroidery) and decorated with a gold bead. I placed the bead before weaving the ribbon.

The white daisies are embroidered in raw silk 2-thread lazy daisy stitch (House of Embroidery 31) and trimmed with a small seed bead in the color of the ribbons in the center.



The leaves surrounding the pink flowers are embroidered in satin stitch with raw silk (House of Embroidery n°8 Bush).

The leaves surrounding the daisies are embroidered in double lazy daisy stitch with 2 threads and raw silk (House of Embroidery n°5)

The leaves surrounding the purple flowers in clusters are embroidered in stem and lazy daisy stitch, all with 1 thread and raw silk (House of Embroidery 56).

The tree branches are embroidered in fly stitch with a green metallic thread (Au Ver à Soie). I added a small straight stitch also in metallic thread gold  (Au Ver à Soie) at the end of each branch.

Here is the finished wreath.

I added tiny gold beads in small groups ( no more than 3 or 4 beads at a time) to add sparkle to the embroidery and give it a very festive touch.