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Romantic Alphabet

This alphabet that I called romantic is part of many vintage alphabets published online by “Maison Sajou”.

You will find the patterns of all the characters together in a single downloadable file in the “patterns  2021” menu.

Here is an indicative list of colors that I used to embroider the design presented in this article.

House of Embroidery (Stranded cotton)

83 Ajuga, both colors

DMC (Stranded cotton)

3024, 3023, 640, 225, 502 and 3813

These letters can obviously be adapted to anybody’s needs, the colors used and the size proposed are only indicative.

Start by embroidering the letter in 2-thread stem stitch, varying the colors.

Here is the fully embroidered letter.

Embroider the stems and leaves alternately using stem stitch with 2 threads and satin stitch, long and short stitch, and fishbone stitch with 1 thread.

The flower is embroidered with satin stitch and 1 thread on a 2 threads padding. Add a few straight 1-thread stitches at the base of each petal and finish with a French knot 2 threads and 2 wraps in the center.

The cluster of flowers is realized with French knots 3 threads and 2 wraps. To get nice big knots, I used a # 22 chenille needle.

Embroider this part in stem stitch for the stem, fishbone stitch for the leaves, and satin stitch for the buds, all with 1 thread.