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Pocket tissue holder

As Christmas is approaching, you will find in this article a small project of a useful and charming gift to offer for the holidays.

It is a pocket tissue holder covered with small naive and cheerful patterns.

Today’s article is dedicated to the first part of the project, i.e. everything that concerns the realization of the embroidery.

A second article will be dedicated to the assembly of this tissue holder and I promise you that it is very simple and requires no special skills!


The pattern to download can be found HERE or in the “Patterns 2022” menu of this blog.

Here are many pictures of this realization. To guide you in your work and allow you to find your way through all these small patterns, the close-up photos are presented in 3 rows and 3 columns from right to left and from top to bottom.

To realize this work full of fantasy, I advise you to let your creativity guide you as well in the field of color as in that of the use of the various stitches from your repertory.

You will have the satisfaction of having made a unique and totally original object!


To make this mounting and after carefully measuring my tissue package, I cut my embroidery to get a piece 16.5 cm wide (including 0.5 cm seams) and 14.5 cm high (also including 0.5 cm seams). For the lining, I used a piece of fabric 18 cm wide and 14.5 cm high.

However, I advise you to check carefully and use the measurements corresponding to the dimensions of the tissue packs you are using.

For the assembly itself, I suggest you use the tutorial below. It is very clear and its extreme simplicity will allow you to realize this sewing work easily.

Please wait a few moments for the video to load!