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This article is the starting point of a new project which will be the publication of a new flowery alphabet.

My idea is to succeed in designing all the characters of this alphabet by introducing them in words to be able to finally have the complete series of letters in a less formal and more playful way.

I chose to start this work today with the word “LOVE” because it is universal and also because I simply love working with all of you who follow me and have decided to share this adventure with me.


I tried, while drawing, to put a name on the flowers represented in the letters although from time to time, they are a bit fanciful.  

For this work, you will not find any indication of colors because I know by experience that the realization of this kind of embroidery is deeply intimate and allows one to express a personal feeling towards the person for whom it is intended.

You will find below the explanations and photos of these first 4 letters as I imagined them.

The pattern of this project can be downloaded HERE or in the menu “Patterns 2022”.

All the stitches used are explained in the “Stitches” section of this blog.


These poppies are embroidered in stem stitch for the stem and in satin stitch 1 thread for the flowers and leaves.

The stems of these lupines are also embroidered in stem stitch and the leaves in satin stitch, all with 1 thread. The flowers are embroidered in blanket stitch with 2 threads.

The fern is embroidered in fly stitch with 2 threads. The periwinkles are made in blanket stitch and decorated with 5 straight star stitches, all with 1 thread. Embroider 2 lazy daisy stitches 2 threads for the leaves.

The stem of the nasturtium is embroidered in stem stitch with 1 thread and the leaves in close fly stitch with 2 threads. The petals are made in satin stitch with 1 thread. Finish with a French knot 2 threads and 2 wraps for the heart of the flower. 

To embroider the sunflower, I used 3 different colors. I first embroidered a large lazy daisy stitch with the medium color to start a petal. I then added a second smaller lazy daisy stitch inside the first one with the lighter color and finished by adding straight stitches between the petals with the darker color. All the petals are realized with 2 threads. The center of the flower is embroidered in satin stitch circled with chain stitch, all with 1 thread.

The sunflower stem is embroidered in stem stitch with 1 thread and the leaves in Cretan stitch with 2 threads. The violets are made with 5 lazy daisy stitches and a straight stitch in the center, all with 2 threads. Finish with a 2 threads 2 wraps French knot for the hearts. The small leaves are made with satin stitch with 1 thread.

then embroider the stem in stem stitch and the leaves in satin stitch, all with 1 thread. Embroider the periwinkles as explained above in L. For the wild orchid, first, work the flowers in straight star stitch with 1 thread, 

Embroider the poppies and fern as explained above.

Here is the finished letter. You will notice that each pattern is covered with 2 threads and 2 turns French knots in order to define the outline of each character.

Embroider the sunflower and nasturtiums in the same way as in the previous letters.

To embroider the center bar of the E, I embroidered muscaris using stem stitch and 1-thread straight stitches as well as 2-thread 2-wrap French knots for the flowers. 

The tulips in the foot of the letter are embroidered with 2 bullion stitches 2 threads surrounded by 2 lazy daisy stitches 1 thread for the flower and small leaves done in satin stitch with 1 thread.