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A Spring Easter Egg 


Here are the explanations necessary for the realization of this Easter egg.

The pattern of this project can be downloaded from the “Patterns” menu in the “Patterns 2021” section.

It is here embroidered on vanilla linen and measures about 10.5 cm.

You will find the colors and stitches used by following the step-by-step instructions.

I embroidered this egg with an assortment of  House of Embroidery and DMC threads but as usual, I strongly encourage you to use the colors of your choice.

By following the links of the different stitches marked in orange you will find the explanations that correspond to them.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch and the leaves with leaf stitch, all with 1 thread and House of Embroidery 67 Apple stranded cotton (both colors).

These small leaves are embroidered with satin stitch1 thread and stranded cotton  Woodlands 69A from House of Embroidery. Do not forget to border the pattern with a split backstitch before filling it.


Start by embroidering the body alternating rows of satin stitch 1 thread with DMC 3827 and 400 colors. Then embroider the wings with long and short stitch 1 thread and color 762. Finish by embroidering a large French knot with 3 threads and color 414 for the head.


Embroider the orange flower with blanket stitch 1 thread and stranded cotton House of Embroidery 89C Good on Black, add a French knot 2 threads and 1 wrap with color 68B Strelizia from House of Embroidery in the center of the flower.

Embroider the small branch with stem stitch 1 thread and House of Embroidery stranded cotton 24A Mango. Then add double bullion stitches  2 threads and 5 wraps with DMC 972 color at the end of each branch.


The corolla of this flower is embroidered with long and short stitch and with straight stitch 1 thread and colors DMC 799 and 517. Finish with a few small straight stitches 1 thread and color 3848 for the chalice.


This flower as well as the buds are fully embroidered with satin stitch 1 thread. It is necessary to start to realize this flower by the central part. I used the DMC 3609 and House of Embroidery stranded cotton 79B Stocks.


Embroid the stem with stem stitch 1 thread. The leaf is embroidered with Cretan stitch and 2 threads, the chalice with satin stitch 1 thread. All the green part of this pattern is embroidered with the  DMC color 704. The central part of the flower is embroidered with blanket stitch and the side petals with chain stitch all with 1 thread and using the colors 553, 210, and 211. Embroider a few stem stitches 1 thread and 3 French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps at the top of the flower.

Finally, to finish, embroider all the remaining French knots in yellow with 3 threads and 2 wraps in the 11AB Sunlight color of House of Embroidery.