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A wink to Christmas

In this article, you will find three proposals to embroider small, simple, and quick designs to complete the subjects dedicated to the holidays.

You will find the drawings to download HERE or directly in the menu of the blog “Patterns 2021”.

Their realization is simple and here are the explanations…



To embroider this design, I used stranded cotton in a single shade of green for the stem and leaves, white for the berries, and 2 shades of red to embroider the bow. I also used red metallic thread to embellish the bow and added a tiny dark stitch in some of the berries.

The pattern is done in long and short stitch for the knot and in satin stitch for the leaves and berries. all with only 1 thread.


As in the previous pattern, the work is done with 1 thread mainly in satin and long and short stitch except for the veins of the leaves embroidered in backstitch with 2 threads.

For the stem, I used beige thread, 2 shades of green for the large leaves, a darker one for the small leaves, and a red one for the berries.


For the poinsettia embroidery, work as for the 2 previous designs using 2 shades of green for the leaves and 2 shades of red for the petals. I added a final touch with red beads and some stitches with red metallic thread.