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Christmas Robin




This article is dedicated to a design published a few years ago but seemingly a well enduring one because I regularly find it among my best sellers at the beginning of the winter. 


You can download HERE a 3-page file containing all the elements needed to complete this project.


In this file, you will find the design and the original explanations that accompany the printed linen when the kit is sold online. You can then reproduce it on the fabric of your choice.


This is the Christmas present I wanted to offer to all the embroiderers who follow this blog regularly. It is a way to thank you for your loyalty and I hope that many of you will continue to accompany me on this adventure.




Since a list of colors is not part of the explanation file, here is the material I suggest you use. A series of threads, only DMC cotton (for its ease of access), to be completed with gold metallic thread and some gold beads.

To embroider the heart, use color 500, gold metallic thread and beads.

To make the holly, work with 704, 3862 and 498 threads.

To give the robin all its brightness, you should not hesitate to use a wide range of colors which are listed below

  • for the stomach, B5200, blanc, 762, 834 and 3023

  • for the wing, 3033, 3023, 834, 645 and 3799

  • for the eye and the beak, 310 and white

  • for the throat, 3822, 972, 722, 350 and 817

  • for the head, 3023 and 3033

  • for the legs, 3023 et 645


The heart is embroidered in stem stitch and lazy daisy stitch, all with 2 threads. Finish by scattering straight stitches with metallic thread as well as a few beads all over the design.

The holly branch is done with long and short stitch and 1 thread, the leaves in stem stitch with 2 threads and the berries in satin stitch with 1 thread.

The robin is mainly embroidered in long and short stitch with 1 thread.