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An embroiderer’s pouch


To start the year in the best way, I had the idea to make this embroidered pouch that will certainly be useful for storing your small equipment.

It is a very nice project to embroider because it is composed of many different patterns with a lot of different bright colors.

As usual, we will spread the work over several weeks to allow everyone to work at their own pace.

I admit that the finishing of this pouch requires some sewing work, however for those who do not want to risk it, they will have the opportunity to use all these patterns freely on projects of their choice.

The finished pouch measures 36 X 22 cm. I used gray linen, a new color from Graziano in Italy and of the same quality as the sand, vanilla or white linens that I usually use. You can now buy this linen in the colors available and in 3 different sizes in my Etsy shop HERE.

You will find the patterns as well as their numbering and a template of the pouch to download HERE.

I used a piece of fabric measuring 40 x 28 cm for the outside work.

For the final assembly (using a sewing machine), you will need

  • a thin zip of 20 cm

  • a piece of fine wadding 

  • a little padding fleece for the pincushion

  • fine cord

  • a nice button

  • small sewing material 

Practical tip

First, draw the outline of your pouch on the fabric with a water-soluble pen or simply mark the outside with a running stitch and then when done, place the embroidery patterns inside. Indeed, I thought that during the assembly I would be able to sew exactly on the contour line. Unfortunately, it is not the case everywhere and there are some places where the stroke I designed too strongly is visible.

Do not make the same mistake ! and now it is time to start, I hope you will enjoy doing this with me.







Pouch, finishing

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Pouch, inside designs

Inside embroidered designs  Here are the explanations of the inside embroidered patterns. The colors used are mentioned for information only. Tangerine  After embroidering the outline of the tangerine with split backstitch 1 thread, diagonally place the first stitches...

Pouch,embroidered patterns 1, 2 and 3

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