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Embroidered patterns 13, 14, 15 and 16 

Here are the explanations of the following embroidered patterns.

The colors used are mentioned for information only.

After having, as usual, circled the pattern with a split backstitch 1 thread, embroider the body with a satin stitch 1 thread in 2 different colors.

Do the same for the wings finishing with small straight stitches 1 thread for the legs and the antennas.

To embroider this bee I used DMC stranded cotton  3866, 676, 420 and 610.


The stalk is embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the leaves with fishbone stitch and a single thread.

I used House of Embroidery raw silk  Mango 24.

The stem is embroidered with stem stitch and the leaf with close fly stitch, all with 2 threads.

Each petal is made using 2 bullion stitches 2 threads starting and finishing in the same holes. Add some French knots 2 threads 1 wrap in the center.

The colors used are DMC stranded cotton 4220 and 939 for the flower and 3052 for the stems and the leaf.

Start by embroidering the bottom of the fruit. After making the split backstitch, fill the entire surface with long and short stitch and 1 thread.

Embroider the lemon wedges with blanket stitch 2 threads, then fill the remaining free surface with the satin stitch also with 2 threads. Finish circling this surface with a back stitch and 3 threads.

The DMC stranded cotton 744 and 445 colors are used for lemon skin and the 746 and 4080 colors for the wedges.