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Embroidered patterns 20, 21 and 22

Here are the explanations of the following embroidered patterns.

The colors used are mentioned for information only.

Embroider the wings with satin stitch after circling them with split backstitch, all with 1 thread. Make a bullion stitch with 2 threads for the body, a 2 threads 2 wraps French knot for the head and 2 small straight stitches 1 thread for the antennas.

To embroider this butterfly I used  DMC floss cotton 939, 3840 and 517.

The stem is embroidered with stem stitch and the leaves with fly stitch worked close together, all with 2 threads.

The flower consists of the embroidered triangular part made with straight stitches 1 thread, 3 double lazy daisy stitches 2 threads and a cast-on stitch also made with 2 threads.

The colors used are DMC floss cotton 746 and 934 and House of Embroidery stranded cotton Daffodil 47.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the leaves with satin stitch 1 thread. Add a few straight stitches 1 thread for the veins.

The raspberries are embroidered with French knots in Perle cotton n°8 and 2 wraps. Add a couple of lazy daisy stitches 2 threads for the small leaves.

The colors used are DMC floss cotton 3045, 676, 935, 3052 and House of Embroidery Perle cotton n°8 Berries 20.