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Embroidered patterns 4, 5 and 6

Here are the explanations of the following embroidered patterns.

The colors used are mentioned for information only.

The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 2 threads and the leaves in fishbone stitch with 1 thread. Add 3 straight stitches 2 threads at the top of the stems.

The fruits are embroidered with long and short stitch 1 thread by mixing the colors.

I used DMC stranded cotton colors 989, 3031 and 610 for the leaves and the stems, and colors 666, 817, 221, 3866 for the fruits.






Start by embroidering the outline of the wings with split back stitch and fill the inside with long and short stitch by degrading the colors, all with 1 thread. Add straight stitches of about 3mm with 2 threads along the edge of the wings and others much longer with 1 thread inside the embroidered surface.

The body of the butterfly is embroidered in blanket stitch with 2 threads “in stair” from back to the head. This one is done in satin stitch and the antennas in back stitch, all with 1 thread.

I used DMC stranded cotton colors 211, 209, 3746, 939, 3866 and 3826 to embroider this butterfly.



The stems are embroidered with stem stitch and the leaves with fly stitch, all with 2 threads.

For chalices, after embroidering the outlines with split backstitch 1 thread and padding the surface with 2 threads, cover with satin stitch 1 thread.

The petals are realized with straight stitches and 4mm ribbon.

The colors used are House of Embroidery 67 Apple stranded cotton and House of Embroidery 4mm 15 Pansy silk ribbon.