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Pouch finishing

As a preamble, I must warn you that I am far from being a sewing professional; therefore I will try to explain the assembly of this kit to you in my way, in the way that seems to me the simplest. I hope that like me, you will succeed and that once this burden is finished you will be proud of the result.

Come on, let’s go!

In the article presenting this work, at the beginning of the year, I included a template to download that you can find HERE as well as the list of supplies that you will also find HERE.

I divided this assembling work into 3 parts. The first concerns the external embroidery of the pouch, the second the preparation of the lining with its zippered pocket, its small needlecase and the fitting of the button and to finish the meeting of the whole to obtain the pouch.

1st part, external embroidery

Place the cut template on the embroidery and pass a thread all around, extending it to the bottom of the fabric to mark the final contour of the pouch.

Place the piece of fabric intended for the inside part of the work under the embroidered fabric and pin the 2 parts.

Cut the 2 pieces together, leaving a 1 cm edge for the seams. Separate the 2 pieces of fabric.

2nd part, the lining

Prepare 2 small pieces of fabric 11cm x 4cm and fold across the width.

Sew these 2 pieces to the ends of the zipper for a neater finish.

This is the lower part of the inside pocket. It measures 13 cm high up to the zipper and add 2 cm (fold) for the sewing flap of the zipper. Sew along the zipper over the entire width of the fabric (it is a little wider than the pocket is about 26 cm).

Now attach the upper part of the pocket to the zipper. You need a piece of fabric about 20 cm high and the same width as the bottom one. Fold the fabric 3 cm above the closure and the pocket is finished.

Align and pin the finished pouch to the bottom of the inner fabric. Sew a button about 3 cm from the edge of the pocket and 5 cm above the zippered pocket. It will be used to tie the cord to slide the threads to embroider. I cut the butterfly into a small needle pad about 10cm x 7cm. I stuffed it with synthetic wadding and fixed it with small hidden stitches on the upper part of the lining.

Place the embroidery (1st part) on the table with the right side towards you. Then place the zippered part with the right down on the embroidery and perfectly aligned, add a small thin fleece plate the height of the pocket and pin it firmly.

3rd part, assembling

Turn the work and sew all the parts together on 3 sides ( leaving the bottom open)  following the thread laid at the beginning of the work along the template. then pin the bottom.

Turn the work over on the right side. Close the bottom with small hidden stitches. Iron seams well. To lay the cords, I opened the seams a little bit, inserted the cords and closed them tightly with hidden stitches. I know it’s not very usual, but it works.

That’s it, the tedious assembly work is finished. I hope you didn’t get discouraged and are happy with the result.