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Embroidered patterns 17, 18 and 19

Here are the explanations of the following embroidered patterns.

The colors used are mentioned for information only.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch and 2 threads.

The leaves are embroidered with radiating satin stitch 1 thread.

I used DMC 730 and 834 to embroider this pattern.


After making the split backstitch with 1 thread around the wings, start by laying 2 rows of satin stitch slightly overlaid 1 thread of different colors. Finish filling with long and short stitch 1 thread and decorate the edge of the wings with straight stitches 1 thread.

The body and the head are embroidered with satin stitch, the antennas with straight stitches, all with 1 thread.

I used DMC 341, 3866, 4130, 221, 939 and 869 to embroider this butterfly.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch and 2 threads. The small leaves are embroidered with satin stitch and the big one with long and short stitch, all with a thread.

The sepals are embroidered with satin stitch on a  2 threads padding and the petals also in satin stitch, all with 1 thread. Add a few small straight stitches 1 thread of different color at the base of each petal.

The colors used are DMC 501, 523, 917 and 327.