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Embroidered designs 7, 8 and 9

Here are the explanations of the following embroidered patterns

The colors used are mentioned for information only

The whole pattern is embroidered with 2 threads.

The leaves are made with blanket stitch and straight stitch for the vein.

The flower is embroidered with lazy daisy stitch starting at the top of the pattern.

I used House of Embroidery stranded cotton Apple 67 for the leaves and Geranium 82 for the flower.






The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the leaves with fishbone stitch 1 thread.

To realize the flowers, I proceeded as follows. For the centers, I embroidered a ribbed spider web with 2 threads and I extended each branch with a lazy daisy stitch 1 thread. I then added a small straight stitch with 2mm ribbon between the lazy daisy stitches.

I used DMC 503 floss cotton for the leaves, DMC 3833 floss cotton and House of Embroidery 2mm Wine Glow 45 Silk Ribbon for the flowers.

After lining the flower with a split back stitch, fill the petals with long and short stitch, all with 1 thread.

The heart is made with French knots  2 threads and 2 wraps.

The colors used are DMC 4124, 720 and 221 floss cotton.