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Inside embroidered designs 

Here are the explanations of the inside embroidered patterns.

The colors used are mentioned for information only.


After embroidering the outline of the tangerine with split backstitch 1 thread, diagonally place the first stitches using long and short stitch and the color 3825. Then add some stitches to the inside of the pattern with the color 970. The direction of the stitches is very important because it remains the same for the filling of all the fruit.

Continue filling in the right part of the fruit and adding a few stitches inwards with color 946.

Finish filling to the right with the 740 color and add some straight stitches with the darkest color to give structure.

The stem is made with long and short stitch and the color 3045. The flowers are embroidered with satin stitch and a French knot 2 threads 2 wraps in the center using the colors white and 3770. The buds are also embroidered in satin stitch and decorated with straight stitches 2 threads using  House of Embroidery Herbs 92 (both colors) and the DMC 3770.

After embroidering the outlines with split backstitch 1 thread, fill each side of the leaves separately with satin stitch following the direction of the veins and using  House of Embroidery Herbs 92 color.


Start by embroidering the white parts with satin stitch.

Then embroider all the black parts.

Add the colors yellow 725 and red 304.

Continue to fill the wings with the 921 and 746 colors.

Finish the embroidery of the wings with the color 3854.

Use colors 921 and 3854 to embroider the different parts of the body with satin stitch. For the antennas add 2 straight stitches and 2 lazy daisy stitches with 1 thread in black.