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Bird and Butterfly

Here is a picture of a printed fabric named “Indienne”  that I propose to embroider together.



An “Indienne” is a painted or printed fabric made in Europe between the 17th century and the 19th century.

If I chose to transpose this painted design in embroidery, it is because, for a very long time, I think that the spectacular patterns represented on these fabrics lend themselves particularly well to the work of the embroidery.

Indeed, these motifs are generous and often ample; the colors are beautiful, vibrant and the profusion of details allows to use a variety of stitches available in the traditional embroidery.

Next week, you will find, as usual, the drawing to download or get it all printed on different colors of linen in the new blog shop.

I will give you all the necessary details about the size of the pattern and the list of colors, here is a first approach.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about this topic here are some links to sites dedicated to the “Indienne” fabrics and especially the famous

Musée de l’impression sur étoffes de Mulhouse

which has many very beautiful “Indiennes” among its collections.

You will also find an interesting article under

and a whole series of images under

Indienne, the tail

Indienne the bird, tail Here are the explanations needed to embroider the bird's tail.         The colors used are DMC 931, 3031, 3371, ecru, 3716, 3832 and 355.       Begin by embroidering the central part and the end of the feathers...

Indienne, feathers

Indienne the bird, feathers Here are the explanations needed to embroider the feathers of the bird.         The colors used are DMC 931,932, 3031, 3371 and Ecru       Embroider the edge of the large transverse feather as for the...

Indienne, the bird part 1

Indienne the bird part 1, the head and the neck Here are the explanations needed to embroider the 1st part of the bird, head, and neck.         The used colors are  for the head, DMC 931, 3371 and Ecru for the pink feathers, DMC 3716, 3832...

Indienne, butterfly

Indienne The butterfly You will find information regarding the download of the drawing or the purchase of the printed fabric and the silk threads in the previous article. In the explanations, I used the DMC color numbers but for those of you...

Indienne, first flowers

Indienne First flowers You will find the pattern to download as usual HERE. It is in A4 format to make it easier for you to print, but I recommend you to enlarge it before reproducing it to obtain a design of a height of about 30 cmYou can also, if you...