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First flowers

You will find the pattern to download as usual HERE. It is in A4 format to make it easier for you to print, but I recommend you to enlarge it before reproducing it to obtain a design of a height of about 30 cm

You can also, if you wish, get the printed design on the fabric of your choice and also a pack of Algiers Silks as an alternative to  DMC stranded cotton in the blog shop HERE.



Here is the list of DMC stranded cotton that I plan to use

3371, 3031, Ecru, 355, 3830, 3832, 3716, 931 and 932

You can also embroider this project with “Soie d’Alger” from Au Ver à Soie, Paris. If you already have some, here is the list

1713, 1714, F13, 3415, 3416, 2635, 2646, 2945 and 3012

Here is how to embroider the flowers in this design. They are all embroidered in the same way.

You will find below the realization of the group of flowers located at the top right of the drawing directly under the butterfly. All you have to do later is embroidering in the same way, the remaining bouquets.

Mark the embroidered border of the petals, then distribute straight stitches 1 thread with color 3031 over the entire surface to be filled.

Fill the top of the petals with other straight stitches 1 thread of the same color but shorter.

Mark the place of the lazy daisy stitches before embroidering them.

Embroider the lazy daisy stitches then the center with back stitch, all with 1 thread.

Embroider the upper edge of the petals with several rows of stem stitch 1 thread in the “ecru” color then finish with a row of back stitches in color 3031 also with 1 thread.

Embroider the outline of the petals with split backstitch 1 thread and the color 3830.

After delimiting the surface to be embroidered as before, fill the top of the petals with satin stitch 1 thread and the color 3830.

Shade the bottom of the petals with the color 355 and mark the location of the future lazy daisy stitches.

Finish the center of the flower as before with lazy daisy stitches and back stitch in 3031 color, all with 1 thread.

Also, finish the edges of the petals in the same way and with the same colors as those used in the first flower.

The embroidery used is identical to that of other flowers with colors 3830 and 3716.

Shade the pink part with the colors 3832 and 3830 and the other part with the color 355. Finish the center and the top of the petals as in the previous flowers.

This flower is embroidered with the colors 3716, 3832, 355, 3031 and “ecru”.

Here is the first group of finished flowers.