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the bird, the pink feathers and the claws

Here are the explanations necessary to embroider the pink feathers and the legs of the bird.





The colors used are

DMC 931, 932, 3031, 3371, écru, 3716, 3832, 3830 and 355.




After turning the work by 180 °, embroider the ecru borders as usual with 2 rows of stem stitch and 1 thread. Wait to embroider the contours in brown.


Then fill the “eye” of the feathers with satin stitch and 1 thread.

Here is the direction of the straight stitches used to achieve the pink part of the feathers. Do not embroider split backstitches around the pattern because to give the feathers their full effect, it is necessary that the straight stitches are slightly irregular.

Embroider in satin stitch with 1 thread.


Continue with the dark pink part.

Then embroider the brown border with split backstitch 1 thread around the ecru stem stitches. To finish, add a few very tiny brown and ecru straight stitches 1 thread in the “blue eye” of each feather.

The middle part between the blue feathers and the pink feathers is made with a dark blue satin stitch 1 thread slantwise and decorated with brown spaced straight stitches 1 thread.

The blue feathers at the bottom of the pattern are simply embroidered with long and short stitch 1 thread and underlined with large irregular straight stitches on the edges.


Here is a picture of all the finished feathers. I varied the placement of the colors based on the picture of the printed fabric and I used the colors 3830 and 355 to darken the base of the feathers around the center.

Add little brown stitches 1 thread to give depth to the edge of the feathers.

To embroider the legs, start by placing transverse straight stitches 1 thread along the entire length of the legs. Then embroider the contours with 1 or 2 rows of split backstitches also with 1 thread.