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The butterfly

You will find information regarding the download of the drawing or the purchase of the printed fabric and the silk threads in the previous article.

In the explanations, I used the DMC color numbers but for those of you who chose to embroider with the Silk threads, please find here the list of the corresponding numbers between the DMC threads and the “Soie d’Alger” threads.

DMC – Soie d’Alger

3371 – 3416                                                                        3031- 3415

Ecru – F13                                                                           355 –2646

3830 – 2635                                                                         3832 – 2945

3716 – 3012                                                                         931 – 1714

932 – 1713

Here is how to embroider the butterfly from this design.

You will notice that in the drawing, I put the minimum of details. I did it intentionally, because not being sure of the way to embroider, I wanted to avoid being bothered by useless lines marking the fabric.

So, I advise you not to hesitate to use a pencil (preferably water erasable) to mark all the details you will need before you start embroidering.

The outline of the wing is embroidered with 2 rows of stem stitch outlined on both sides with back stitch, all with 1 thread, Ecru and 3031 colors. Decorate the edge of the wing with small straight stitches.


Mark with the pencil the part of the pattern that will be embroidered with stem stitch and pad the center with straight stitches 2 threads and the color 3716.

Embroider the center of the pattern with satin stitch 1 thread on the padding and the 3716 and 3832 colors. Then border as before with 2 rows of stem stitch outlined with back stitch.

Fill the upper part of the wing with seeding stitch 1 thread. Embroider the middle part with back stitch in a “zig-zag” way also 1 thread and add French knots 2 threads 2 wraps. Finish the bottom of the wing with straight stitches fan-shaped, all with the color 3031.

Begin the work of the 2nd wing in the same way as the first.

Fill the upper part of the wing with long and short stitch and then decorate with groups of tiny straight stitches, all with 1 thread. Embroider the middle part and the bottom of the wing as before. I used colors 3031 and Ecru.

Embroider the outline of the 3rd wing and the inner patterns also with stem stitch and backstitch. The centers of the 3 patterns are empty.

I advise you to draw first the lines for the straight stitches that make up the drawing as accurately as possible before starting to embroider. This is important because it is not really easy to achieve.

The little upper part, before starting the first straight stitches, is embroidered with satin stitch. The whole bottom part of the wing is made with 1 thread and the color 3031.

For the abdomen, I first embroidered the stripes with stem stitch 2 threads and the color 3371, then I filled the surface with long and short stitch 1 thread with the color 931. The pattern is bordered in the same way as the other parts of the butterfly.

Here is the finished butterfly.

I realized the remaining parts of the body in the same way as the abdomen. The antennas and legs are formed of straight stitches 1 thread in the color 3031.

We will talk about the stems and the grapes in the next article.