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the bird part 1, the head and the neck

Here are the explanations needed to embroider the 1st part of the bird, head, and neck.





The used colors are 

for the head, DMC 931, 3371 and Ecru

for the pink feathers, DMC 3716, 3832 and 355

for the neck, DMC 3031 and Ecru



Fill the surface with satin stitch 1 thread leaving the eye, the borders and the bottom of the pattern neatly empty.


Embroider the eye and the crest as in the previous patterns with stem stitch and split backstitch, all with 1 thread.

First, embroider the beak starting with the brown interior and do the same for the bottom of the pattern.

Border the feathers with split backstitch 1 thread.


Fill with satin stitch by mixing the two shades of pink.

Add some stitches with the dark rust color at the base of the feathers.

Turn the work 180 °.

Begin, always with satin stitch, with the brown part at the base of the neck. Continue with the rows of feathers. As usual, you first need to surround them with split backstitch and then embroider with the Ecru thread and then with the brown.


Here is the first row completed.

and now, here is the complete neck too.