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the bird, feathers

Here are the explanations needed to embroider the feathers of the bird.





The colors used are

DMC 931,932, 3031, 3371 and Ecru




Embroider the edge of the large transverse feather as for the previous borders with 2 rows of stem stitch surrounded by 2 rows of split backstitch, all with 1 thread.


Here is a picture of the finished border. It is important that the head of the feather is well formed.

The work is done by turning the pattern 180 °. Embroidery is always done from the top of each feather. Each piece must be embroidered completely, including the border, before moving on to the next. Blue 932 and satin stitch are used for this part of the pattern. Only the 2 upper rows of feathers will be embroidered with dark blue 931.

Here is the picture of the first completed feather. Shade and small straight stitches 1 thread are made with the color 3371.

Here is another partial view of the feathers with the border of small straight stitches.


The embroidery of the bottom of the pattern is now complete.

Here is an image of all the feathers embroidered in the 2 shades of blue.

You see here the blue feathers totally finished with the shadows embroidered in each feather.