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Stems, leaves and grapes

You will find information on downloading or purchasing the printed fabric and silk threads in the first article.


Here are the explanations of the stems, leaves and grapes that form the background of this work.

Having already addressed in the first article the realization of the flowers, you now have all the elements necessary to embroider the motifs that will stage the bird.

The stems and leaves are embroidered with long and short stitch 1 thread and the color 931. The veins of the leaves and the edges of the stems are made in straight stitch 1 thread and the color 3371.


The grapes are all embroidered in the same way, 2 rows of split backstitch 2 threads with the color Ecru and then edges on both sides of a row of split backstitch 1 thread and color 3031.

The interior of the bunch is empty except for a few grapes in which tiny straight stitches are also added in the color 3031 to give a shaded impression.

Embroider one side of the brown stems with split backstitch and the other with spaced and discontinuous blanket stitch, all with 1 thread and the color 3371. The leaves are also made with backstitch 1 thread in the same color.

The stems and leaves are empty.