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Needle painted Protea

This work is realized in long and short stitch and 1 thread.

Here is a new project in our series of needle paintings.

After the peony, the morning glories, the bird and the tulips, you chose to embroider the protea among the 3 subjects proposed. I am delighted because I am sure that this is a pattern that lends itself particularly well to the technique of needle painting and the result will be beautiful.

As usual I will guide you step by step with the help of many photos and with your experience you will have no difficulty in achieving this project.

As you elected the Protea, here is a link that will allow you, if you wish, to know more about what is for us an exotic flower coming essentially from South Africa.

The drawing of this project can be downloaded HERE

The flower measures 10 cm and I chose to embroider it on sand colored linen.



The most beautiful needle paintings are made with the most basic embroidery thread, that is to say, simply stranded cotton.

Taking advantage of the very wide range of colors of the DMC collection, the most widespread in Europe, here is the list of threads that I think I’ll use to embroider this flower.

This list is only a first choice and as you may have noticed in the previous projects, it is certain that we will have to add new colors during the work.

DMC stranded cotton B5200, 310, 3685, 3803, 777, 3831, 3832, 962, 819, 211, 209, 3830, 165, 501, 367, 320, 368, 369, 727.





And now, get ready because we will start embroidering the first petals next week!