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Needle painted Protea




As usual, surround the upper part of the pattern with split backstitch, then start embroidering the center of the flower from the lower part with the color 369.

Extend with color 165.

Then continue with color 819, beginning to bend the stitches in the direction of  the movement in the drawing.

Now embroider a series of stitches with the color 3836.

Continue with color 962.

Now add the color 3832.

Extend with color 3803.

Finish with the color 3685.

Add some straight stitch to give depth to the design with the color 310 (black) at the top, 3685 in the middle and 500 in the lower part.

These 2 petals are embroidered with the colors 3831, 3803, 819, 962 and white.

These 2 petals are embroidered with the same colors as the previous ones. The reverse of the right petal is embroidered all in white respecting the direction of the stitches.