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Needle painted Protea

leaves on the right



To embroider this group of leaves I added 2 new colors, DMC 927 and 3768.

Begin embroidering at the top of the leaf with color 369.

Add some stitches with the color 165.

Finish filling the leaf with color 368.

Surround the pattern with split backstitch and the color 3832. Underline the rib with green 501 and add a few stitches with pink 3832. Mark the shade at the bottom of the leaf using 501 color as well.

Fill the top of this leaf with color 369.

Add color 927 (new) and some stitches with color 962.

Continue with color 369, adding a few stitches with yellow 165.

Fill the still empty surface with color 927.

Shade the bottom of the leaf with color 3768 (also new) and embroider the rib with color 3831.

Fill this small leaf completely with color 927.

Add some stitches with color 3768 for the shadow and surround the pattern with the color 3831.

Embroider the top of this leaf first with color 369 and then add some dstitches with colors 368 and 165.

Embroider the middle part  with satin stitch and color 927, finish with 3 dots in color 3831.

Fill the lower part of the leaf with color 369.

Finish by shading the edge of the pattern with the colors 500 and 3832.