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Needle painted Protea

Petals at back




Here are the explanations and pictures to realize the petals located at the back of the flower.


As I feared, by embroidering the first leaves I was forced to add 2 colors. A darker green, the color 500 and a yellow “less yellow”, color 834.


After having, as usual, surrounded each petal with split backstitch, I began to embroider this leaf from above. First with the color 368 then 367, 501 and ending with a few stitches with the color 500.

Always starting from the top, I first used the color 165, followed by the color 834. For the green part I used the colors 369 and 501.

For the left petal, I used colors 962, 819 and 3831. For the right petal, I used the same colors adding some stitches with the color 3803.

For the 2 petals that are surrounded by the large leaf, I used exactly the same colors as before but distributing them differently. I could not detail the passage of each color because the area to embroider is too small but based on the photos, I think it should not be a problem.

Embroider these 2 petals in the same way and with the same colors as the previous ones.

For this leaf, first embroider a rib with the color 165.

Then fill in the free spaces with colors 368, 367 and 369. Add a few stitches with the color 500 to emphasize the shadows.

Finish this series of petals embroidering like the previous ones.