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Needle painted Protea

leaves on the left side



Surround the group of leaves to embroider with a split backstitch.

Begin embroidering this leaf with color 369.

Add some stitches at the tip of the leaf with color 165 and with color 368 at the bottom.

Continue with color 367.

Finish with color 500 at the very bottom of the leaf, then add rib and edge with color 3832.

Fill the entire petal surface with the color 819.

Add some stitches with the color 962.

Finish the petal with the colors 500 and 3803.

This leaf is relatively difficult to embroider. It is necessary to respect the direction of the points and to delimit the different zones in the motive (backside).

Start at the tip of the leaf with colors 165, 834 and 369. Also embroider the side of the pattern with colors 369 and 165 (the stitches are embroidered at an angle).

Embroider the left central part with the same colors as before.

Emphazise the edge of the lapel with the color 501.

Add a touch of light green with color 369 in the left center part of the leaf and finish the right edge with color 367.

Embroider the folded part of the leaf all in white respecting the direction of the stitches. Fill in the empty parts with the color 368.

Add some stitches with the colors 500 and 3832 to the base of the leaf.

Embroider this little petal with the colors 165, 834 and 962.

Start this leaf with color 367.

Continue with color 368.

Finish with color 369 along the rib.

Embroider the rib with color 3832. Finally, add a split backstitch all around the sheet with the colors 3803 on the left side and 3831 on the right side.