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Yellow bird

This project is embroidered mainly in long and short stitch with 1 thread.

Here is our 3rd embroidery in needle painting technique. After making a peony and morning glories, I thought we might venture into making a bird.

I know it is a subject that is very much loved and very often treated. You can see many achievements, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. Therefore, we too will be making our contribution and I hope we will be proud of the result.

Once again, by embroidering, I will make many photos to guide you step by step and I hope that by following this tutorial you will have as much pleasure as for the previous works.

The pattern of this project can be downloaded HERE


As always for this technique, we will use the most classic embroidery thread, ie just plain stranded cotton.

Taking advantage of the very wide range of colors of the DMC collection, the most widespread in Europe, here is the list of threads that I chose. This is a very intuitive first choice but can be modified as needed during the work. If that were the case, I will not fail to mention it.

For the body, DMC stranded cotton 677, 3822, 3821, 3820, 371, 372, 746, 3022, 535, 3799.

For the head and the wings, DMC stranded cotton 930, 931, 932, 3753, 517, 3842, B5200, 310.

For the legs and the decor, DMC stranded cotton 310, 169, 3371, 646, 368, 367, 501.

I chose to embroider this bird on vanilla linen to have a very neutral background.

Yellow bird, legs and trunk

Yellow bird, legs and trunk The colors used to embroider the legs are DMC 931, 3753 and black. The color used for the trunk is the House of Embroidery stranded cotton Bark 72. The colors used for the moss are DMC 501, 320 and 368. As usual, embroider the outline of...

Yellow bird, head

Yellow bird, head  In this post, you will find the necessary explanations for the realization of the bird's head. We used the following colors: DMC B5200, 310, 517, 3842, 3753, 930, 931 and 932. Start by delimiting the lower part of the beak with a split backstitch 1...

Yellow bird, tail and wing

Yellow bird, tail and wing  Here are the explanations necessary for the realization of the tail and the wing. For that, I used the colors DMC 3842, 517, 930, 931, 932, 310 and B5200. The blue lines mark the direction of the stitches in the main part of the body of the...

Yellow bird, body

Yellow bird, body  In this post, we will embroider the body of the bird. As I suspected, I did not use all my first choice and finally, I used the colors DMC 3799, 535, 3022, 372, 3821, 3822 and 746 and I discarded definitively the colors 3820, 677 and 371. Preceding...