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Yellow bird, body 

In this post, we will embroider the body of the bird.

As I suspected, I did not use all my first choice and finally, I used the colors DMC 3799, 535, 3022, 372, 3821, 3822 and 746 and I discarded definitively the colors 3820, 677 and 371.

Preceding the pictures, you will find a drawing indicating the direction of the stitches. You will see that there are 3 different directions to respect.

I myself had some difficulties with the left part of the body, the one that is under the wing. As you will see on the pictures I had to undo the upper part and keep only the dark part embroidered at the beginning. So I redid it by better shaping the stitches to get the roundness of the body of the bird and I added the lightest stitches that overflow on this part all last.

The blue lines mark the direction of the stitches in the main part of the body of the bird as well as in the movement of the head. The red lines indicate the direction of the stitches in the lower part of the body and that it is absolutely necessary to respect it to obtain a complete and coherent form (which I did not manage to do at first sight). The green lines correspond to the direction of the stitches for the realization of the wing.

I underlined the part I propose to embroider first.

Here are the first stitches embroidered with the color 3799.

I also marked the parts where I will put the second color.

I added the lighter gray color 535.

Here is the placement of the color 3022. Be careful, do not embroider the left part.

Now embroider a few stitches with color 372. We will not use it elsewhere.

Apply the color 3821 generously, respecting exactly the direction of the stitches.

Finish now the bottom left part based on the picture to lay the colors. You will use the colors 3022 and 3821 which you must add to the gray 3799 embroidered at the beginning of the work.

Now embroider straight stitches with color 3822 to bring depth and light to this part of the body.

Finish filling the body with the color 3822. You will observe that to give a “ruffled” effect to the feathers you have to vary the direction of the stitches by placing them fan-shaped from a central point.

Embroider the small part under the wing on the far left with the two gray tones 3799 and 535 and the color 3022.

The body of the bird is now complete.