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Yellow bird, legs and trunk

The colors used to embroider the legs are DMC 931, 3753 and black.

The color used for the trunk is the House of Embroidery stranded cotton Bark 72.

The colors used for the moss are DMC 501, 320 and 368.

As usual, embroider the outline of the legs with split backstitch and 1 thread.

Embroider the trunk with stem stitch and 2 threads.

Generously padd the legs with 3 strands of DMC 931.

Cover the padding with satin stitch 1 thread.

Add small straight stitches with the color 3753 and underline the finished legs with a black threaded split backstitch.

Embroider the moss with French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps by degrading the colors.

The bird is complete