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Yellow bird, head 

In this post, you will find the necessary explanations for the realization of the bird’s head.

We used the following colors: DMC B5200, 310, 517, 3842, 3753, 930, 931 and 932.

Start by delimiting the lower part of the beak with a split backstitch 1 thread in black.

Fill with satin stitch. Do not forget to embroider the straight stitches on the right, it is very important for the final rendering.

Now mark the top of the beak with split backstitch and color 930.

Fill with satin stitch.

Place very small straight stitches with the color 3753 between the 2 parts of the beak. Embroider the outline of the eye by referring to the photo with the colors 930 and black.

Completely fill the eye with satin stitch horizontally and the black thread. Add a small double straight stitch with the B5200 color (embroidered 2 times on top of each other) to give the eye all its expression.

First, embroider the back of the head with large straight stitches and color 3842.

Extend and finish filling this part by adding the 932 color.

Now embroider the entire part from the beak and under the eye, in fact, we could say the cheek, with the color 3753.

Insert straight stitches with the B5200 thread into the outer part of the cheek to provide light.

Start embroidering the top of the head with the colors 3842 and B5200.

Add some stitches with the color 517.

Fill with the 3753 color.

Finish by intercalating B5200 straight stitches outwards and others ones with the 932 color at the base of the beak.