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Taking flight

This project contains stumpwork

The pattern of this project can be downloaded HERE


The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 1 thread.

The leaves are embroidered in blanket stitch with 2 threads. All the stitches start from the base of the leaf and are embroidered fan-shaped. To obtain pretty sharp leaves, I fix the stitch to the top and I continue to embroider on the other side of the leaf.

Here is the picture of the completed leaves.

The raspberries are embroidered in French knot with 2 threads and 2 wraps.

 All the embroidered raspberries are complete.

Red currants

The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 1 thread.

The leaves are first rimed with split back stitch 1 thread then embroidered in fishbone stitch also with 1 thread.

The currants are embroidered in French knot with Perle cotton n ° 8 and 2 wraps.

First, embroider the outline of the Ladybug with split back stitch and 1 thread.

Embroider the Ladybug with satin stitch 1 thread vertically carefully separating the 2 wings.

Embroider the dots on the wings with French knots  2 threads and 1 wrap, the head with a  French knot  2 threads  2 wraps and antennas with 2 small straight stitches 1 thread.

The caterpillar is embroidered in couching with 12 threads for the body and 3 threads for the rings.

The antennas are embroidered in straight stitch with 1 thread.

Here is the finished pattern.