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Indian Purse

Here is the first part of a project entitled “Indian Purse” and that I intend to split into 3 different posts. Today, here is the presentation of the main part of the purse, the elephant.

This purse measures approximately 12cm in width and 10.5cm in height.

The second part will be devoted to the embroidery that covers the clasp and the third one to the assembly of the purse.

You can download the patterns and templates needed to complete this project HERE.

Here is the list of colors that I used based on a palette inspired by the colors of India. They are all DMC plain stranded cotton.

DMC 304, 3804, 351, 742, 333, 3847 and 413


For assembly, you will need

  • fabric for the lining

  • a small piece of adhesive fine fleece   

  • a click clasp  of 9 cm that you will find easily in the trade

  • a pencil, if possible water erasable  for marking the outline of the purse

  • small sewing material. Given the small size of this work, it is not essential to use a sewing machine for assembly.


First, fully embroider the outline of the elephant with stem stitch 1 thread and color 304.

Then embroider the toes with blanket stitch. For decorations, I used stem stitch, straight stitch, satin stitch and French knots, all with 1 thread.

Use the same stitches for embroidering the trunk.

The same series of stitches are used to embroider the head, but you have to add the chain stitch and the back stitch for the ear decoration, all with 1 thread.

The tassel is made with trellis stitch. After circling the pattern with split backstitch1 thread, fill it with vertical straight stitches and 2 threads. Cover the surface with straight stitches well laid diagonally with 1 thread.

Embroider the back in the same way.

Indian Purse, finishing

Indian Purse, finishing This post is devoted to the finishing of the purse. It does not necessarily require the use of a sewing machine. It presents no particular difficulty but demands precision, mainly in the upper part where the clasp will slip. I advise you to...

Indian purse, the clasp

Indian Purse Embroidery of the clasp    Here are the explanations of the embroidery that covers the clasp. Finished, it measures 9 cm by 2 cm. We must add 0.5 cm of fabric on each side in width for the edges and in height, we must add 2 cm (the height of the...