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Indian Purse, finishing

This post is devoted to the finishing of the purse.

It does not necessarily require the use of a sewing machine. It presents no particular difficulty but demands precision, mainly in the upper part where the clasp will slip.

I advise you to proceed in the order of explanations.

Using the template, mark and cut the 2 bottom parts of the purse leaving 0.5 cm for the seam.

Cut and apply a thin fleece on the backside of the embroidery.

Overlay the 2 parts of the purse (embroidered parts inside) and mark the stitching with the template.

Sew leaving the top open. Remove the maximum amount of fabric in the seam and serrate.

Flip and iron.

Cut out the 2 pieces to cover the clasp, using the dimensions provided in the previous post.

Fold the fabric at both ends to the size of the embroidery.

Then fold the top not embroidered to form “a pipe” of 2.2 cm, It is in this part that will slip the clasp. To facilitate the installation of this part on the body of the purse, it must be ensured that the 2 lower edges of the pipe are perfectly aligned.

Lay the clasp part on the top of the purse and sew securely with hidden stitches.

Always using the template, make a lining and slip inside the purse. When cutting the fabric, be careful to leave a little more fabric at the top, along the opening. You will need it to tie the lining inside the purse. The lining must be attached exclusively to the inner part of the “pipe” to always let it free to slide the clasp.

Now slide the 2 parts of the clasp simultaneously at the top of the purse and secure it.

Congratulations, you did it, the purse is complete and I hope you are happy with the result.