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Indian Purse

Embroidery of the clasp 

Here are the explanations of the embroidery that covers the clasp.

Finished, it measures 9 cm by 2 cm.

We must add 0.5 cm of fabric on each side in width for the edges and in height, we must add 2 cm (the height of the embroidery) to cover the back of the clasp and 1 cm for seams at the top and bottom.

All in all, the piece of fabric needed to cover the flap should measure 10 cm by 6 cm.

Start by embroidering 4 rows of chain stitch with 3 threads, grouping them by 2.

Embroider a row of blanket stitch with 3 threads horizontally by hanging it on the inner loops of a group formed by the chain stitches without stitching into the fabric.

Embroider the blanket stitch in each loop of the chain stitch.

After finishing the row, do the same for the second group of chain stitch.

Always with 3 threads, pass a zigzag thread through the inner loops of the 2 chain groups to begin filling the center part.

Do the same in the opposite direction to form crosses.

Always using 3 strands, place a backstitch at the intersection of the threads.

Now whip the outer part of the chain stitch in the loops left free.

Here is the 2nd part of the stitch, when it goes back to form the line of back stitches you can see in the chain stitch.

Always embroider the 2 parts symmetrically.

To finish, I embroidered backstitches at the top and bottom of the border for a clean finish.