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3 Russian dolls




Here is the 2nd article belonging to the theme of “Russian dolls”.

It is dedicated to the assembly of the 3 hanging dolls presented last week.

It is a very simple assembly. To achieve it, I used

  • a small piece of plain cotton matching a color of the embroidery

  • 2mm satin ribbon

  • synthetic wadding to fill the doll

After ironing the embroidery on the wrong side, trace (also on the wrong side of the piece), a line about 5mm from the edge of the design. This will be the seam line.

Then cut out the pattern, leaving a margin of about 5mm. Place the embroidery right facing the lining without forgetting to insert the ribbon folded in half between the 2 fabrics at the top of the head (the loop of the ribbon is directed downwards, inside the body of the figurine). Hold everything together with a few pins.

Sew (by hand or by machine) on the line drawn previously. Leave an opening at the bottom of the doll (see arrows). Generously cut and notch the 2 layers of fabric. Turn the doll over to the right side, passing it through the opening and ironing again. Fill the doll with synthetic wadding and close the opening with hemstitch.

To ease the work of closing the doll I independently threaded the 2 parts of the fabrics to give them the desired shape before joining them with the hemstitch.